Our Warranty

Our Warranty

PrimarilyPine.com a.k.a. Pawleys Cottage Furniutre is committed to providing customers with the highest quality materials and superior workmanship. Our products will giveyou and your family a lifetime of comfort, beauty, and service. The warranty is offered to the original retail owner of the upholstery.

Frames and Suspensions Seating System:

We warrant the frame and stand behind it being free of manufacturing defects for the life of the product under normal conditions and noncommercial use.


Primarily Pine Home Store warrants our high resiliency foam cushion core against loss of resiliency for 10 years under conditions of normal (non commercial) use. The feathers blend and comfort chic seat cushions are protected under a 5 year resiliency warranty. And this also excludes replacement if used in a commercial setting. We do not warrant the feather, down, or fiber on any of our cushions (backs and seats). Please be advised…the fiber on the cushions will soften and relax with normal use. To keep your cushions looking fresh and new, please rotate and flip your seats and backs.


The fabric on the slipcovers and base frame are warranted for fraying, zipper functionality, and seam slippage for 1 year and under the original owner. This warranty does not cover fabric that has been treated with a dealer or consumer applied solvent repellent treatment. Please Note: Fabric treatment may alter the color of the fabric when dry-cleaned or washed and Primarily Pine will not be held responsible for any discolorations. Also not covered under fabric warranty:

Pilling (little balls of fuzz on fabric surface)

We will not be held responsible for wearing of any fabric or color fastness. We are not responsible for welt bleeding. The fabrics are not warranted due to the unique properties of each type of fabric and how they are cleaned. We provide customer with a cleaning code for our upholstery and slipcover.

Care and Cleaning Code

We suggest purchasing dry cleanable or machine washable upholstery and slipcovers. Primarily Pine does not warrant against fading, shrinkage, or damages due to unique material uncontrollable variables in the fabric themselves or washing process.

Our Promise

The original retail purchaser gets Primarily Pine’s guarantee that we will replace and repair any part or parts we deem to have a manufacturing defect covered under our warranties.


You must contact the furniture retailer with detail information about your defect to obtain service under the warranty.